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Multidisciplinary breath-odour clinic

Autores: G Delanghe, J Ghyselen, D van Steenberghe, L Feenstra
Publicado en: THE LANCET (1997)
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Patients with breath odour were seen at a breath-odour clinic. They were seated among other outpatients to ensure anonymity and examined by an ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) specialist and by a periodontologist. A psychologist and an internist were on call. A history was taken, then the patient’s breath evaluated at rest and when speaking by two examiners. 1 An ENT examination was done. A tonsil swab was taken. Attention was given to bacterial plaque, gingival inflammation, periodontal pockets, and tongue coating. An objective evaluation of the amount of the volatile sulphides in the patient’s breath (normal <200 parts per billion) was made with a Halimeter (Interscan Corporation, USA).2 If the clinical examination was negative and the patient had gastric problems, a C13-urea test was done to detect Helicobacter pylori.3

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