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The unveiling of DENTAID nanorepair® technology at the 2013 Dental Forum: a Great Success

The company's latest Oral Health product innovations and launches were on exhibit in the trade fair's 8th edition.


DENTAID, leading Oral Health corporation in pharmacies, presented its most recent launches along with its entire extensive product range at the 2013 Dental Forum (FDM), held on April 11-13 in Barcelona.

During the eighth edition of the fair, which, according to the organizing committee, gathered 150 exhibiting enterprises and 10,000 visiting sector professionals, the company had the opportunity to disclose how the innovative DENTAID nanorepair® technology has been applied to the company's two latest product launches: VITIS® whitening toothpaste, the only formula offering 5 combined actions and Desensin® repair toothpaste, the solution for repairing teeth right from the first application.

The VITIS®, Perio•Aid®, Desensin®, Interprox®, Halita®, Dentaid® Xeros, Waterpik and Nordent® product lines were displayed in the 100m2 space.

Dentists, dental hygienists and students alike attended Aula DENTAID's various training sessions on the importance and benefits of oral irrigation, on behalf of Waterpik®. Many visitors interacted at the DENTAID trade booth, contributing their opinions in the space provided regarding the VITIS hygienists initiative on ‘what is the formula for happiness at work'.

In recent years, the FDM has become one of the main events in dentistry, standing out as an important scientific event throughout Mediterranean Europe.

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